For Brackey's Game Jam 7 Demo Build Of only 3 levels (sorry for that I joined jam pretty late)

A Game Concept Build On The Theme ( ITS NOT REAL ), The Core Concept Is around Making Real Things Not Real Or Not Real Things Into Real Things, Depending Upon The Question What We Think Is Actually real. 

A Puzzle Platformer Concept With A Lot Of Potential If Level Design Is Done Right
Which in case of this demo, It's Pretty Bad ;-; 


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real cool! wish there will be more levels to have more fun! very cool mechanic. Maybe extend the clicking area of the monsters. 

thanks for your feedback will increase the interactable area

This game is really good. The art style is amazing and the controls are super smooth. You could totally make this into a full game if you wanted. Super fun too! I have a feeling you are going to get a lot of high ratings.

thanks dude, making more levels yup that's the plan

would love to see more levels of this. liked the concept, gets tricky. Smooth to play! :D

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